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Design the perfect hotel development plan: 10 tips from your hotel experts.

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Posted: 01 June 2018Updated: 20 July 2021
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Being part of the Expedia family enables Egencia to offer you the best in travel management and a unique inventory to drive hotel adoption and savings. To help you fully leverage Egencia, your Egencia hotel experts have put together the 10 best practices to optimise the development of your hotel programme. On your Egencia platform: 1. Flag your preferred hotels within the search results. This will help your travellers find them faster and increase overall compliance. Once marketed as preferred, hotels will be displayed in green on the results page. 2. Customise your display. Let your travellers know which hotels are “within walking distance of your company office” for example. The sentence and pictogram you will have chosen will be displayed directly on the hotel description on the results page. 3. Add your favorite locations. Record your favorite or most visited locations such as your office locations, to help your bookers choose the nearest hotel to their destination. The location will appear as a star when the booker searches for a city using the Hotel Location filter or as a red pin on the map. 4. Flag out of policy rates to ensure compliance. They will appear with a red flag on the results page. Travellers can also hover over the flag to find out why the hotel is out of policy. 5. Centralise all your bookings. You have negotiated rate with local hotels (by you and your travellers)? Centralise all your bookings on your website for a simplified reporting. The hotels will appear as Negotiated Hotels and as Preferred Hotels if you decide. 6. Use the online travel intelligence workspace to adjust efficiently your travel policy by viewing on one page your: • Average Nightly Rate • Hotel Rooms by rate type • Top 10 Hotel Properties • Top Bookings by City • General Hotel Spend. 7. Share your hotel data without doing anything. Schedule all your reports and send them automatically to your key stakeholders. 8. Inform your bookers about your Hotel Programme or key compression dates that will affect citywide hotel availability. Your message will appear at the top of the page you have selected (Homepage and/or Search result of Flights and/or Hotels) Outside your Egencia booking platform: 9. Communicate your Hotel Programme with your Bookers within your company to ensure compliance. We recommend you leverage the different means of communication at your disposal to share your hotel programme in a “one page” format– this might be Traveller Messages on the Egencia platform, email, your company intranet, but also “in-office” display screens and in-person employee events. Don’t be scared to be fun to create engagement. 10. Stop wasting time negotiating with hotels, leverage Expedia negotiation power to increase your savings. As part of the Expedia family, Egencia benefits from solid negotiated rates which are regularly renegotiated. Before starting a lengthy negotiation project with hotels, consider leveraging these rates.   Would you like to have more details on each one of those tips? Fill in the form & subscribe to the Hotel Academy to receive a tip every week to optimise your hotel programme with the detailed steps.   Other links which could interest you: Subscribe your arrangers to the Hotel Academy and help them optimize their usage of the Egencia Hotel platform Watch a quick demo of the hotel platform