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15 Tips and Tricks to Make Business Travel Go Smoothly

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Julkaistu: 15 September 2020
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Business travel ramps up in March and April. Before you head out on your next trip, here are some tips from the seasoned Account Managers at Egencia to help make your work trips go as smoothly as possible. Update your information
  • The New Year is a great time to update your traveler profile. Ensure your credit card information is up-to-date, check your personal identification items (passport, driver’s license, known traveler number), and enter any new loyalty program numbers.
  • Speaking of passports, over 18 million US passports are due to expire in 2017. If you reside in the United States and plan to travel internationally, update your passport soon to avoid potential delays.
Booking your trip
  • When making a flight reservation, book the first flight out. If this is not possible, choose a flight that has earlier and later routes to your destination in the event your flight is cancelled.
  • Know what amenities are offered throughout your trip. Check Routehappy to find the most comfortable seat on your flight or to make sure your hotel provides free Wi-Fi, breakfast, flexible cancellation policies, or other services you need.
In time of travel disruption
  • Download a travel app that alerts you when delays or changes occur. You can download the Egencia mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.
  • DO NOT check in for your flight. If you check in, an Egencia consultant must contact the airline to “uncheck you” before she can rebook your flight, adding extra time to the process.
  • The busiest airports–Chicago O’Hare (ORD), New York’s LaGuardia (LGA) and JFK (JFK), Sao Paulo Congonhas (CGH), and London Heathrow (LHR)–often have more delays. Know your route and whether there are alternative airports you can feasibly fly into instead.
Know your expense options
  • Verify your company’s preferred air carrier(s), how far in advance you must purchase flights, and the class of service you are allowed to book for international flights.
  • Review your company’s hotel program. Corporations evaluate their hotel programs annually. As a result, some hotels could be removed and some could be added. Verify if alternative lodging is covered by policy.
  • When it comes to car, confirm your company’s preferred car providers, whether insurance is included in the rate, and whether ride sharing services are reimbursable. Note your company’s mileage reimbursement rate when driving your own car.
  • Check your travel and expense policy on meals before your trip. Look for restrictions on alcoholic drinks and changes in meal allowances in the New Year.
While on the road
  • If you’re heading to a new airport, look up terminal maps, food options, shopping, and activities in case you are delayed.
  • Pack at least one change of clothing and a few toiletries to take with you on the plane. If your checked luggage is lost, you’ll be glad you don’t have to attend a meeting in yesterday’s clothes.
  • While flying, stay hydrated. Drinking caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate you and make jet lag worse.
  • Check out what events are happening during your stay in a city. Have fun and be a tourist on your trip!
  Tips were provided by the Egencia Account Management team.
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